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Galactic Kingdom of the Wild

A Novel 

A freight train of cosmic fire is on a collision course with our planet. An ancient alien species, our silent guardians for nearly 200,000 years, has stepped forward to save the human race from impending doom.

The aliens’ method: Recruit a team of humans to guide our race to ferry the Earth refugees to safety. Not everybody on Planet Earth is convinced that the threat is real, and many groups refuse to cooperate and even work to sabotage the rescue plan. This recalcitrance and disbelief causes problem after life-threatening problems for the humans tapped to manage the awesome responsibility of saving humankind from immolation. In the middle of the effort to save the humans, another threat from out of the darkness of deep space, an alien battle fleet is bearing down on us!

Politics, civil war, criminality, vicious rogue aliens, automatic weapons, and international intrigue, together with bang-up space opera, combine to tell a riveting and jaw-dropping, remarkable adventure tale of mankind at its best — and worst. Join Monty, Sal, Agra, Beth, Greta, and the rest of the Rescue Cadre as they fight against overpowering odds for the future of human civilization!

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A Novel

Have you had enough of aliens who are all powerful and impervious to bullets and explosives? It is enough to get a good human down and despondent! What if Incan gods came to our aid and turned switches in our DNA that made us badass? That is the tale this story tells and it is a lot of fun!

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